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Save £250/$250 off your Gap Year Flights with Africa & Asia Venture (AV)

To celebrate 25 years of volunteering and adventure travel in Africa and Asia, our long standing Year Out Group members Africa & Asia Venture (AV) are offering £250/$250 towards your flights on qualifying programs! 

Since Africa & Asia Venture first opened their doors in 1993, they have helped thousands of young people from 30+ countries enjoy their very own trip of a lifetime and with over 1,200 man-years of service across the nine countries that Africa & Asia Venture visit; the contribution that volunteers have made has been significant and these rural communities have benefitted hugely from their work.

Africa & Asia Venture offer a full-immersion gap year experience that enables you to live, work and enjoy great adventures in small local communities that are off the beaten track and where your contribution through volunteering will be truly beneficial.

You won’t be a tourist looking in from the outside, you will get stuck in to every day life, building lasting friendships and lifelong memories. You will have plenty of opportunities to travel independently in the amazing countries that Africa & Asia Venture operate in and you benefit from the peace of mind that they have 24/7 in-country support teams who are only ever a phone call away.  

Explore all that a year out has to offer

Choose from nine amazing destinations and discover a world you didn’t know existed. Whether you want to go to Nepal, India, Kenya, Uganda, Thailand, Malawi, China, Tanzania or Thailand; wherever you choose to go you can be sure to find adventures waiting for you to discover. 

Use your skill set to get the most out of your year out. If you love dance, sport, drama, music, art or whatever your passion is, teach young children in a rural community and find a sense of fulfilment like never before. Broadening young minds and helping them to learn in a fun and relaxed way is hugely satisfying and will leave a lasting legacy from your year out. Who knows: you may even discover a new career path

A year out like no other

Not only will you benefit from £250/$250 off the cost of your flights when you travel with Africa & Asia Venture, you will also be embarking on an adventure that will change your perspective on life and help you see the world differently… 

Uganda is the most amazing place I’ve ever been. The country is beautiful, and the people are really very special. The AV package allowed me to get a really full experience of these things in a relatively short space of time. The set-up allowed me the freedom to tailor my volunteering experience to suit my own interests and feel fully immersed in village life, whilst still feeling fully supported. The free travel period at the end was a highlight, seeing some of the wonders of East Africa, whilst again feeling very supported. This is a fairly unique and very positive thing about AV.

I think AV’s ethos about gap year volunteering is really positive and also realistic. As a young, inexperienced person volunteering in a third world country, you cannot change the world, but you can still have a very small and positive impact on a few people, whilst having an enormously valuable experience yourself.

My four months with AV were some of the best of my life, I can thoroughly recommend them!”

Robert Nicholas

To find out how you can benefit from Africa and Asia Venture’s 25th birthday offer of £250/$250 off your flights, contact them today via [email protected], call +44 (0)1380 729009 or visit www.aventure.co.uk . But hurry, you must book before 30th September 2018 to qualify!