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About Objective Gap Safety

Objective Gap Safety provide ‘Gap Year Travel and Safety’ courses for young travellers preparing for their gap year.

This acclaimed course is not just about safety; we are determined that students make the most of their travels, get ‘off the beaten track’ and explore.  It’s not all safety information, we cover a wide range of topics from understanding key cultural and religious issues, getting on with the locals and travelling companions, how to take money abroad, catching taxis, getting the weather right, routes and itinerary and so much more.

The ‘Gap Year Travel and Safety Course’, is a great course for both under-graduate, post-graduate students  One-day courses are held regularly in London.

Prepare and be Safe whilst Travelling Abroad

We teach young people how to prepare for their gap year and how to deal with problems they may face. Our intention is to help them recognise danger by teaching them to think on their feet and interpret the situations confronting them – without terrifying the living daylights out of them.

A Fun and Interactive Course

The course is delivered by means of interactive scenarios and role-play, lectures and hands-on learning.  Our instructors have an excellent understanding of young travellers and flavour the course with tales of scrapes and situations; we believe with a little thought, many misfortunes can be avoided.

Unbiased Advice

The course also offers the opportunity to discuss great places to visit, how to book, merits of travelling independently or with a Gap Year provider and so much more unbiased advice. Over the last 10 years over 5000 travellers have attended our courses and we have captured their tales, both good and bad, which we pass on during the day.

Gap Year Travel Safety Awareness Course – Price per Student: £165

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Keeping you Safe on your Gap Year

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