Building in Nepal

Help disaster relief efforts through re-building


From 1 week


from £1445



In brief

Many communities across Nepal are still struggling to recover from the devastating earthquake that struck the country in April 2015.

Projects Abroad launched a project in Nepal in June 2015 to help with disaster relief efforts and our volunteers have made great strides in helping rebuild affected communities in the Kathmandu Valley.

Projects Abroad is focusing on the children in the area, especially on making sure they have access to safe learning environments.

Over 50,000 classrooms were damaged or destroyed in the earthquake and there is a real need to set up alternative learning spaces.


As a volunteer, you will be involved in tasks such as:


  • Clearing sites
  • Digging foundation trenches
  • Mixing and laying cement and concrete
  • Laying bricks
  • Painting
The type of work depends on what stage of the construction the project is at when you arrive.

Volunteers work under the supervision of a professional mason and a qualified construction engineer, as well as a Western coordinator.

All volunteers are accommodated in a guesthouse and supported by full-time local Projects Abroad staff.

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