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Conservation adventure volunteer in Mozambique

Work alongside marine biologists and the local community, whilst diving with whales & sharks


4 weeks



In brief

Our 2018 Conservation Adventure Volunteer Program gives individuals without a Marine Biology Qualification the chance to work alongside our marine biologists and the local community.

Over a 4-week period you will help with our conservation efforts by assisting with research, support our education improvement program, and enjoy many wonderful diving experiences with amazing animals, including our manta rays, whale sharks and humpback whales!


As a Love The Oceans Conservation Adventure Volunteer you will form a valuable part of our team. Our program has a huge amount of included activities! These include:


  • PADI Dive Training (get qualified!)
  • Participate in coral reef surveying
  • Participate in fisheries research
  • Ocean safari and megafauna training
  • Free-Diving (Basic Training)




  • Help improve local learning facilities
  • Support swimming lessons for local kids
  • Learn to source and cook local food
  • Learn basic Portuguese and Bitonga (our local dialect)
  • Go on safari in the Greater Kruger Park Ecosystem
  • Other fun activities including surf lessons, yacht trips and a cultural tour!


The price includes everything you will need from when you step off the plane, you just need to bring any cash you want for souvenirs, extra snacks etc.

Whenever you volunteer abroad, you should always check out the organisation you’re going with and their ethical policies. Here at Love The Oceans we’re committed to ensuring your volunteer time is used both ethically and efficiently.

All of LTO operations are driven by our six key principles of ethical volunteering; Continuity, Consistency, Commitment, Responsible Research, Cultural Awareness, and Sustainable Interactions limiting and eliminating dependency. We are PASSIONATE about this topic, if your would like more details on our six key ethical volunteering principles and our commitment to ethical volunteering visit our website.

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