Divemaster and conservation internship, Philippines

PADI diving certificate & reef research


10 weeks (+10 for internship)




Sogod Bay, Southern Leyte

In brief

The Coral Cay Conservation, Divemaster and Conservation Internship has been designed to give individuals the opportunity to become a PADI professional, whilst gaining experience within both a conservation focused organisation and a commercial outfit.

Taking part in a CCC project is an amazing opportunity to dive some of the most spectacular reefs in the world all whilst doing your bit to help conserve them

Coral Cay Conservation (CCC) believe in a future where our choices today will benefit the generations of tomorrow, where coral reefs will sustainably provide for local communities in the face of growing demand, allowing these systems to thrive in harmony with human kind.

We work with local communities in developing countries through the provision of scientific data collection, whilst increasing opportunities for education and training, building awareness, and inspiring the next generation of conservationists!

You will spend 10 weeks on the CCC expedition site in the Philippines, and then 10 weeks with a commercial dive shop across the bay. CCC have been in the Philippines for nearly 20-years and at our current site in Napantao since 2008.

Our house reef, based about 20 meters from where you will stay, is beautiful and just around the corner you will find South Wall, which boasts incredible bio-diversity.

During your time with CCC we will take you through your core PADI dive training – Open Water, Advanced Open Water, and Rescue Diver. In addition, you will be taken through a rewarding skills development program based on an extended version of ‘Reef Check’.

Through this training you will learn how to identify a host of corals, fish and invertebrates, a fantastic addition to your dive leading repertoire! Once successfully trained you will be armed with the knowledge to carry out meaningful data collection, and will join our survey teams.

This internship has been created to ensure that the dive professionals that we are sending out into the world have the highest of standards, and the knowledge to share their love of the natural world.

After completing your 10 weeks with us you can take a break and check out some of the beautiful sights in the Philippines, or head straight on over to the Sogod Bay Scuba Resort where you will be based for the next 10 weeks. Here, you will learn all about the commercial world of diving and undertake your PADI Divemaster training.

The fee you pay will cover your accommodation, meals, training and all necessary PADI training materials (does not include PADI annual membership fee) during your 20-week stay.

If you want to undertake your Divemaster training with a conservation focus then this is the internship for you!

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