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Volunteer in Tanzania

Create youth-led change in remote communities


4, 7 & 10 weeks


£2050 – 3450


Includes Ruaha National Park

In brief

A Raleigh Expedition in Tanzania is a unique opportunity to help raise environmental awareness and tackle poverty, whilst experiencing real Tanzania. You’ll work alongside local people on the issues they face; and to challenge yourself to tackle new terrains

Tanzania has one of the youngest populations in the world with an average age of 17 but very few economic opportunities exist for young people.

Less than half the population have access to safe drinking water, while less than 20% have access to adequate sanitation facilities. Awareness of healthy hygiene practices is limited, especially in rural areas, which causes poor health and stops people from attending school and work.

Volunteering in Tanzania you will work to address some of the issues affecting people in rural Tanzania.


You will work with local schools in the Kilombero and Mvomero regions to improve their sanitation and toilet facilities and improve attendance on the community project.

During awareness raising sessions you will impart safe water and sanitation hygiene knowledge to primary school children and the wider communities helping to improve health in the community.

    Deforestation is a key issue in Tanzania with forests being eroded for both business and personal purposes.

    Tanzanian and international young people work with the community to develop forest management plans, work on reforestation projects and raise awareness, knowledge and skills about sustainable practises.

    You may also run awareness raising sessions to promote sustainable income-generating activities and improve infrastructure.

    Trekking through the Morogoro region or Southern Highlands, you’ll wind your way up, down and through varied terrain. Led by our local guides and Raleigh leaders, your trek will pass through small communities and stunning scenery.

    You’ll camp out under incredible skies, unaffected by light pollution.

    You will be pushed outside your comfort zone, and there will be highs and lows. But with the support of your team you will learn that you can do more than you ever thought possible.

    Change Starts in Tanzania!

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