Get hands-on caring for Africa’s wildlife

Volunteer providing emergency medical attention to injured animals


2 weeks – many months


from £1920 including transport & internal flights


South Africa

In brief

Living and working inside this wildlife sanctuary, you’ll find your fellow residents come in all shapes and sizes – from lions and leopards to baboons, vervet monkeys and chameleons.

You’ll spend your days as a volunteer here providing emergency medical attention to injured animals as they arrive at the refuge clinic and helping out with the long-term care of animals that have made the place their home – enriching their habitats, building shelters, and serving meals just the way they want (animals can be surprisingly picky customers!).

If you’re passionate about animals and want a really hands-on gap year experience, this place provides a huge variety of challenges featuring an equally diverse cast of animals.

Africa’s wildlife is under threat…from us

Animals can find themselves in wildlife sanctuaries for all kinds of reasons. In Zimbabwe, many are sadly injured or orphaned due to the actions of humans.

Rhinos, pangolin and vultures, for example, may have been the victims of illegal poaching. Others arrive after being poisoned by local farmers trying to protect crops and livestock.

How you can help

As a volunteer, you’ll work alongside conservation professionals to save the lives of sick and injured animals in the onsite clinic, provide long-term care and even see some residents successfully released back into the wild.

You can also get involved in exciting conservation work outside the sanctuary’s gates. Visiting local schools, you’ll help to inspire the next generation of Zimbabweans about human threats to animals and ways to safely live alongside them. As they say, prevention is the best cure!

What’s more, here the staff is carrying out a long-term research programme into the wild leopards and hyena, giving you the chance to get involved in some fascinating bush work and witness these animals in their natural habitat.

Taking care of people too

A family-run wildlife sanctuary with an inclusive and sociable atmosphere, this sanctuary has been  been a key player in Zimbabwe’s wildlife conservation movement for over four decades. It’s typically home to between three and 20 volunteers at a time.

It was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. The people there topped off the experience and I have so many good memories, I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone – just thinking about my trip makes me want to go back!

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