Gap Year Travel and Safety Course

Keeping Safe on your Gap Year


1 day course





In brief

The one-day course from Objective Gap Safety teaches young people how to prepare for their gap year travels and deal with any problems they may face.

The course will help young people to recognise danger, think on their feet as well as giving them the confidence to get off the beaten track, explore and make the most of their gap year.

The course gives lots of practical advice including:

  • Before you go: preparation, insurance, health and disease prevention
  • What to take: Kit, clothes, security of possessions
  • Over there: Hostels, safe food and water, budgeting, how to get help
  • Getting about: Taxis, buses, corrupt officials
  • Medical: Life-saving medical advice
  • And so much more…

The fun and interactive course is held in London regularly throughout the year.

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