Join a groundbreaking lion conservation project in South Africa

Track prides of wild lion through the bush


5 days- 2 weeks


from £1220 including transport


South Africa

In brief

If you’re passionate about lions, this inspirational experience gives you the chance to discover the secret lives of Africa’s majestic alpha predator.

Lead by a renowned lion ecologist, you’ll find yourself tracking prides of wild lion through the bush and coming face to face with these awe-inspiring animals. All while gaining expert insight into their remarkable behaviour and personalities.

You’ll also meet local people and discover an ancient tribal tradition that could hold the key to a brighter future for all of Africa’s lions.

The truth about blood lions

The image many of us have of African lions is one of proud animals striding majestically across the plains. But the sad truth is many – perhaps even the majority – of South Africa’s lions spend their lives in captivity.

Born at a lion breeding facility, there is no chance of being reintroduced into the wild. Their only fate is to be sold for meat, killed in canned hunting centre, or to live out their days in a place devoid of humane animal welfare standards.

How you can help

By volunteering at this conservation project, you’ll join a team of people who are currently leading the fight to stop inhumane treatment of lions. The Lion Conservation Experience can accommodate up to 12 volunteers at a time, either as a single group or made up of individual travellers.

Supporting their day-to-day work, you’ll also be part of a major conservation breakthrough – the creation of habitats where new prides of lion have been successfully released into the wild.

During your time here, you’ll get to participate in this pioneering work. Tracking prides of lions that have been recently released, observing them in their natural habitat, and spending time in an animal care centre that specialises in predators.

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