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Contribute to sustainable projects through Raleigh International’s first UK volunteer programme – Re:Green. This is an opportunity to get out and take urgent action to drive the green recovery and address the climate emergency.

In 2021, we launched a new program designed to increase your skills, knowledge, and ability to directly address the climate emergency. Using our expertise in youth leadership and youth environmental campaigning, we partner with a recognized conservation organization to deliver this vital piece of work.

Re:Green is a conservation and youth leadership programme for 18-24-year-olds taking place in remote areas of Scotland on 2 and 4-week placements. You will help restore Scottish woodlands, get a crash course on climate campaigning, and take on some of the UK’s most challenging but beautiful terrains on an 11-day adventure leadership trek.


You will leave with new skills, memories, friendships and recognition of your capacity to create green action and be a change-maker.

There are three goals behind our Re:Green programme – Ignite, Equip and Mobilise:

Ignite / Youth Leadership Challeng

Remove yourself from your day-to-day by travelling to remote locations to ignite and build your passion to conserve the natural environment.

In groups of 12, you will take on an exciting eleven-day remote trek, which will challenge you in every way possible and allow you to see some of the most challenging and beautiful terrains the UK has to offer. It is designed to develop leadership skills and teamwork using Raleigh International’s tried and tested youth leadership training. We will focus on developing your motivation and commitment, openness to learning, adaptability, resilience, open-mindedness, relationship-building, leadership essentials, planning and problem-solving.

    Equip / Conservation project

    Play an active role in environmental conservation and combating climate change. Learn how people and organisations around the UK are protecting local environments and coordinating internationally to tackle the climate crisis.

    Working in a group, you will provide vital support to our partners by delivering work that is directly contributing to their conservation priorities. You could learn about and take part in activities such as reforestation, trail maintenance, removal of invasive species, restoration and rewilding . You will also have the opportunity to participate in mindfulness and wellbeing sessions, as well as focused personal and professional development activities.

    Mobilise / Campaign training

    Develop your own campaigning and social action skills to help mobilise people in your local community and young people around the world to take action to protect our planet.

    Working individually and in groups with other young people, you will undertake practical and theoretical training in social and environmental campaigning and awareness raising. You will learn how to take action yourself, how to mobilise others to take action, and how to influence decision makers to take action which drives the green recovery and addresses the climate emergency.

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