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Teaching Assistant Volunteer Buddhist Monastery, Nepal

Ideal for gap year travellers, adventurers and those who are training to become a teacher


12 weeks





In brief

Our Teaching Assistant Volunteer programme is a great opportunity to teach English to the young monks of Nepal’s Tibetan Monasteries. There are several monasteries across Kathmandu, where the programme takes place, being provided the ability to read and speak English can significantly change a monk’s life.

This programme helps Tibetan children and adults to explore scriptures in English and circulate the teachings of Buddhism across the world.


You will have the opportunity to explore the beauty of Nepal in the capital city of Kathmandu by seeing the religious structures of Buddhist and Hindu temples.

There are festivals around the city that form a major part of the people’s lives. From the valley of the Himalayas metropolis, Kathmandu, you will be able to get a view of the higher peaks of the mountains.

We will provide you with information and advice prior to departure and provide you with support and assistance in Nepal. You will be provided with 24-hour emergency contacts and get picked up from the airport when you arrive.

There is a choice between residences or homestay with three meals provided each day.

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