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Trek & teach in Borneo & Philippines

Trek off the backpacker route to engage with indigenous communities


6-10 weeks




Sabah & Sarawak


In brief

Venture out to Borneo and the Philippines to explore, contribute, trek and safari whilst being immersed in their ancient culture and landscape. Over all this is program has an ‘expedition’ feel to it as you travel as a tight team across Sabah, Sarawak, Manila and beyond, stepping way off the backpacker trail into traditional, indigenous communities. Think longhouses, hammocks, orangutans, reforestation, teaching and snorkelling with tropical fish. Frankly it doesn’t get much better.

A typical 10-week program: 6 weeks in Borneo:

Borneo is an island steeped in history, culture, tropical islands and let’s not forget the exotic rainforests which home our furry orange friends and finger pointing proboscis monkey.


  • Teaching English to children not entitled to a state education.
  • Visiting Sepilok, the famous Orangutan Sanctuary.
  • Learning jungle survival skills during a 5-day jungle trek.
  • Living on a tropical beach to help with beach and reef conservation.
  • Building fresh water wells in remote communities.

Plus 4 weeks in the Philippines:

The glorious Philippines, a country made up of 1000’s of tiny islands – 7000 in fact on the last count. Here you will bed into the kindest Filipino culture and island hop across a few of the remotest which offer great opportunities for adventure and exploration.


Highlights include:

  • Summiting the majestic Bulusan Volcano.
  • Contributing to forest deforestation.
  • Helping a remote island community forage for food from the sea and land.
  • Island hopping and scuba diving in crystal clear waters.
We have four departures for Borneo and The Philippines throughout year: Jan, April, September and July where you can go for either 6 or 10 weeks.
The most popular is the all singing and dancing 10-week option where you can “do it all” but of course you can go for less time to accommodate restraints on time, budget or both. Just get in touch.

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