Volunteer & create lasting change in Costa Rica

Help mitigate the effects of climate change & improve access to education


4, 7 & 10 weeks


£2050 – 3450


Costa Rica

In brief

Come to one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, home to national parks, volcanoes, and stunning landscapes and work with innovative young people of Costa Rica to preserve its natural resources. You will help conserve Costa Rica’s biodiversity and improve access to national parks by working with rangers in national parks on the environmental project.

Community Project – Improving Access to Education

Indigenous populations in Costa Rica are often the most marginalised members of society and tend to be some of the poorest. Education levels in these communities are much lower than the national average and poor school infrastructure further exacerbates the situation. Join forces with local indigenous communities to improve access to education for some of Costa Rica’s most disadvantaged children by improving educational infrastructure and school facilities. Improving infrastructure in these marginalised communities will help create a more inclusive society for all Costa Ricans. We will also ensure the community have the know-how to manage and maintain the schools in the years to come.

    Environment Project – Improving Access to Conservation Areas

    Costa Rica has been a world leader in environmental policy aiming to be Carbon Neutral by 2021. Come together with passionate youth leaders from Costa Rica and across the world to support Costa Rica in leading the international flight against climate change on your environmental project. You will work in a national park to improve the trails and ranger stations and increase environmental awareness with local communities via environmental education initiatives, helping them to better manage their natural resources for future generations.

    Adventure Leadership Trek

    There are several different trek routes you can join us for in Costa Rica, that will take you across an incredible variety of terrain. You and your team will navigate your 250km trek through rainforests, valleys, rivers, and mountains, with the support of our Volunteer Managers and each other. Trek requires courage to venture outside your comfort zone, and you will experience highs and lows. Supporting one another through these moments, the friendships formed on trek are often some of the strongest on Expedition because of all that you have shared and learnt together.

    Program Highlights:

    • Work alongside local people to improve their access to education on the indigenous Community project.
    • Take part in an Adventure Leadership Trek through rainforest and up volcanoes on a variety of stunning routes that tourists don’t get access to.
    • Work with Costa Rican youth to help create a more inclusive society.
    • Develop essential teamwork, leadership, intercultural learning, and active citizenship skills and knowledge – the foundation for young people to become future leaders.
    • Work on meaningful community led projects, contributing to the Global Goals.


    Change Starts in Costa Rica!

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