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Volunteer & create lasting change in Costa Rica

Help mitigate the effects of climate change & improve access to education


4, 7 & 10 weeks


£2050 – 3450


Costa Rica

In brief

A Raleigh Expedition in Costa Rica is a unique opportunity to help raise environmental awareness and tackle poverty, whilst experiencing real Costa Rica. You’ll work alongside local people on the issues they face; and to challenge yourself to tackle new terrains.

Come to one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, home to national parks, volcanoes and stunning landscapes. You’ll work alongside the innovative young people of Costa Rica, leading the international fight against climate change. You will also work with indigenous groups in Costa Rica to improve their access to education.

Indigenous groups are the most marginalised members of society and are almost completely excluded from political, social and economic developments made in the country. Schools in their territories have the worst facilities in the country, with high drop-out rates and the lowest levels (39.4%) of those graduating from secondary school.

 You will work with the local community to improve educational infrastructure by building or improving school facilities.

Your effort will help the community secure funding from the government for teaching staff, as without the necessary infrastructure funding is not guaranteed.

We will also ensure the community have the know-how to manage and maintain the schools in the years to come.

    Help conserve Costa Rica’s biodiversity and improve access to national parks on the environment project.

    You will work in a national park and improve the trails and ranger stations. You’ll aim to increase environmental awareness in local communities via environmental education initiatives, helping them to better manage their natural resources for future generations.

     We have a variety of trek routes in Costa Rica allowing you to see its beautiful and diverse landscapes!

    You and your team will navigate the trek with the support of our Volunteer Managers. Trek requires courage to venture outside your comfort zone, and there are highs and lows.

    Supporting one another through these moments, the friendships formed on trek are often some of the strongest on Expedition because of all that you have shared and learnt together.

    Change Starts in Costa Rica!

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