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Volunteer in Ghana

Support local communities as volunteer Teaching Assistants, Community Workers or Medical Assistants


3-13 months, & 6 week summer project


£1230 – £3100




In brief

Situated on the coast of West Africa, Ghana is a country full of beautiful beaches, lush vegetation and the world’s largest artificial lake – Lake Volta! Hailed as one of Africa’s great success stories, Ghana is reaping the benefits of a stable democracy in the form of fast paced development. Although a stable country, many Ghanaians live in poverty, so volunteers really do make a difference. English is learned at school and widely spoken, but a little effort to learn a few phrases in one of the local languages will go a long way. With so many opportunities to make a difference, spending your gap year in Ghana is a truly rewarding experience.

Programme fee options:

                     £1230 – 6 week Ghana Action Project (Jul – Aug)                                                  £2900 – 7 to 9 months

                     £2500 – 3 months                                                                                                       £3100 – 10 to 12 months

                     £2700 – 4 to 6 months




Gap year volunteers can teach a variety of subjects including English, Maths, Science and other subjects depending on their skills and the school’s needs. Volunteers working with pre-school children will also do some care work and help with any extra-curricular activities. Schools in Ghana are very under-resourced, but you will find that the students are eager and willing to learn and the more effort you put in the more you will be rewarded. Resourcefulness, initiative and ingenuity are key attributes needed.

There is plenty of opportunity for proactive placement volunteers to get involved in more than the role of a teacher. Often gap year volunteers set up extra-curricular clubs such as sports coaching, drama or music clubs. These clubs are often very well attended by the local school children and become a great part of the week for the community and also the volunteer to enjoy.


Health worker placements are some of our most challenging but rewarding volunteering placements. Based in local health centres, volunteers help the local staff, who are usually overworked and responsible for almost everything medically-based in their community. The role of a local health centre is vital within a rural community and is greatly respected; it’s rare to find doctors or nurses at rural health centres, so the demands on local staff are great and your support and flexibility will be much appreciated.

The role does not require any technical or medical experience and you will volunteer under the supervision of local staff (although if you do have experience, that would certainly be welcomed). Typical activities of a Volunteer Health Worker will include: assisting with some of the running of a health centre, looking after a basic pharmacy and providing general administration for patient care, helping to maintain patient records, assisting with activities with babies and under-fives and monthly baby monitoring (weighing) and feeding, assisting with outreach programmes and involvement with health education campaigns.


The needs of communities and individuals around the world are varied and diverse. As a Community Outreach Worker you will work within communities to provide assistance in meaningful ways, often to disadvantaged groups. This may involve working with young people with special needs, or elderly people in community centres.

Alternatively you might work with a youth organisation or undertake education and awareness programmes through partner organisations to highlight issues such as HIV and AIDS. The work can be challenging but is truly rewarding and will give you a unique insight into the life of your new community.

Ghana Action Project (Aug-July)

  • An exciting, supported group volunteering project, with a team leader and project staff
  • Pre departure briefing – all volunteers will attend a group briefing prior to departure
  • On arrival in Ghana, teams will take part in a group orientation with training workshops
  • No specific skills or qualifications needed, just the motivation to make a difference
  • Assisting on a project in an undeveloped community
  • Contributing to positive change by helping local people to overcome challenges through working with community partners
  • A once in a lifetime opportunity
  • Additional opportunity to learn about and experience different aspects of community development through Lattitude’s network of partners in the locality
  • Experiencing a new community and culture by living and working alongside a local community

The project aims to promote basic communication and understanding in pupils in basic school in the rural areas by focusing heavily on:

  • Competence to use key words
  • Confidence to spell correctly
  • Grammatically correct sentence formation
  • Promoting interest in reading and comprehension
  • Opportunity to practice English language skills


Volunteers will live with a host family providing a unique opportunity to live with local people. Ghanaian society is far more traditional than western society and your hosts will expect you to live as a family member and spend time with them, whilst welcoming you with open arms. Your host family will also provide you with food which is another great opportunity to become immersed in the Ghanaian culture.

I have to admit my heart is still in Ghana. It was a life-enhancing and truly unforgettable experience



This is an amazing opportunity to discover a completely different way of life and contribute by making a positive impact on the community. View the project page or get in touch if you are interested.

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