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Working with children in the Himalayas

Supporting the Lepcha community


4-16 weeks


£820 – £3,285


Darjeeling and Kalimpong, West Bengal

In brief

Experience a part of India (the north east) and a culture and people that few others do.

Living in the Lepcha community, in the foothills of the Himalayas, you will be working with children doing anything you want – sports coaching, art, dance, drama, music and teaching English. At the end of our longer programmes, you can set off on a period of travel around the sub-continent.

Throughout, you are supported by our 24/7 in-country management teams.

You have to see and experience India to believe it!

An extraordinary country with amazing diversity in every sense, from the towering silence of snowbound peaks to the lap of waves on coral shores, via the cacophony of noisy, frantic cities, hot and cold deserts, fertile flood plains, tea plantation covered hills, thousands of different languages, ancient cultures and religions.

There is new wealth but also staggering poverty, both in the cities and in the countryside.

Our volunteering program in India is based in the rural Lepcha communities in West Bengal helping to support the Indigenous Lepcha Association in their efforts to retain their ancient culture.

Living in a Lepcha village at around 1500 – 2000m, you will teach English to children and adults in tiny local schools and in the village culture centre.
You will also help with subsistence farming on tiny terraced fields of rice, ginger and spices!


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