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There aren’t many jobs in the world that allow you to gain employments so easily and move up the ladder so quickly.


Bartending is one of these and although it might not be seen as a career choice, many consider it as a temporary opportunity to have fun, earn ‘good’ money quickly, establish lifelong friends and develop skills & knowledge that are globally recognised.

Bartending wages will start at the minimum wage but your experience, skills and persistence may earn you more. If you’re a beginner and willing to start at the bottom in an established busy cocktail bar and be trained on their standards, you can easily double your salary….plus tips (service charge).  Contract bartenders who work at events can earn anything between £12-£30+ per hour.  However only being able to pull pints simply won’t cut it, so if you want to earn the big money, you’ll need to gain some basic knowledge and skills in spirits and cocktails.

I thought I knew it all after working in my local bar for 4 years and Tenerife for 2 years but soon realised when I moved to London that I knew nothing about Professional Bartending and where the opportunities lay. I ended up relearning my skills and rebuilding my knowledge whilst on the job. From then onwards I have been fortunate to have worked in Singapore, Bangkok, Cannes, New York and Paris amongst others. 20 years later I’m working at Shaker Barschool and can see that what we offer and teach to our students in 5 intensive days, probably took me 2-3 years to learn ‘on the job’. I just didn’t have the opportunity to taste, try, practise and hone my skills as quickly as these guys do now.

If you’re thinking of taking a Gap Year and fancy earning some money along the way, a bar tending course might just be the thing for you.

Stuart – Shaker UK

Shaker Barschool Course are globally recognised and are accredited by UKBG (UK Bartenders Guild), Quality Marked by the Hospitality Guild and are an Approved Program Provider for WSET.