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East, west, north, south or your home country?
Choose your gap year destinations.
Live in a beach hut or hostel or homestay.
Integrate with the local community or travel in a larger group.

Choose from gap year destinations across the globe. The places you travel to may inspire the type of gap year programme you join. Think about the climate, culture, terrain, weather pattern, the best time of year to visit and for how long.

Where in the world?

1 country, 2 or a multi-destination gap year?



There are many reasons for visiting a particular country, including the people, wildlife, landmarks and of course, festivals.  Festivals are a fantastic way to discover what is important to people, whether that’s their religion, food, music or favourite colours! You can plan your gap year programme to ensure you are in a country at just the right time to take full advantage of what a culture has to offer.


How good is your geography? Not to worry, have a scroll around the map and see what grabs your interest.

When choosing your gap year destinations, you don’t need to follow the crowd but they can help provide some inspiration if you really don’t know where you want to go.  Alternatively break the mould and travel somewhere nobody else is currently talking about but is calling you anyway.


Favourites include:

Thailand, South Africa, Italy, Canada, Australia, Ecuador, Nepal, China, Fiji, Mexico, Kenya, UK, Madagascar, Philippines, Belize, Malaysian Borneo, Ghana

Source: Year Out Group Annual Member Survey

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