The Year Out Group itself, does not organise or arrange year out programmes.


The guidelines and other details on this web-site are for general information purposes only.  They do not provide any guarantee whatever as to the particular programmes of the members of the Year Out Group, and do not purport to be comprehensive or to provide legal or other advice.

Accordingly the Year Out Group does not accept responsibility for any loss whatever which arises as a result of reliance being placed on the information contained on this web-site.

The Year Out Group cannot mediate in any dispute between a member organisation and any other party. If you wish to make a complaint about a member, you must first have pursued your case through their own complaint procedure. If necessary you may then complain to us in respect of how they might have breached our code or charter in relation to your complaint or the in the events that led up to it.

Financial disputes with a member can be independently arbitrated through our dispute settlement service. Email for details.

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