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Coronavirus and your travel plans

Many of you and no doubt the parents amongst you will have concerns about the Coronavirus in general and more specifically if you and/or your family have travel plans. If you are booking a program with one of our members or if you have already booked, you shouldn't...

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How to choose more sustainable travel kit

Taking a gap year is all about gaining new experiences and a new perspective on life. When you choose to take time off from work or school, you know that your lifestyle will change and you may gain a new appreciation for the world around you. There are many...

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Last minute Christmas gift panic?

Last minute Christmas gift panic?  Africa & Asia Venture (AV) have got you covered with their Gap Year Vouchers. If you are hoping to take a Gap Year or know someone who is, these vouchers make the perfect gift for Christmas. You can purchase AV vouchers in any...

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How to travel with only a backpack

How to Travel With Just a Backpack  Travelling light, with nothing but your backpack, can be extremely liberating. When you travel light, you’re often able to go off the beaten path and find some hidden gems that you wouldn’t otherwise find. However, most of us are...

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How to prepare your finances for a gap year

Taking a gap year between secondary school and higher education offers a variety of valuable opportunities that promote personal growth and experiential education. Often, students schedule a gap year to travel, volunteer or create additional time to explore a degree...

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Graduate Gap Opportunities in Africa & Asia

If the end of your degree is fast approaching then you are probably starting to think about what comes next. Will you rush straight into your first graduate job or will you choose to take a Graduate Gap Year? Did you dismiss the idea of a Gap Year because you didn’t...

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10 Year (GAP) Challenge

Africa & Asia Venture (AV): You might of seen lots of talk on facebook about the #10YearChallenge since the start of 2019. In fact it has become so popular that Facebook faced accusations that it was using the challenge to build an ageing algorithm. We saw some...

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This summer could change your life

Will the summer of 2019 be the one that could change your life forever? It could be if you travel to Kenya on a summer work experience program with Africa & Asia Venture (AV). You might not have had the chance to take a full gap year but this is an opportunity to...

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How to be proactive on your gap year

Guest post: Alice Greedus, CV-Library Taking a gap year is the start of an exciting adventure. Whether you choose to spend it travelling the world, volunteering or working, there’s no doubt it will be a great learning experience. However, after 12 months of exploring,...

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