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Many of you and no doubt the parents amongst you will have concerns about the Coronavirus in general and more specifically if you and/or your family have travel plans.

If you are booking a program with one of our members or if you have already booked, you shouldn’t hesitiate to contact the organisation concerned to understand how they keeping abreast of the situation, how it is currently affecting their programs and their contigency plans going forward. 

Not all countries are affected by the virus but nevertheless there are precautions you can take to minimise the risk of you catching it. The video below provides some good information about the virus and how to manage your persona hygiene in this respect. The links we have provided are all useful sources of information and you should refer back to those regularly as there are likely to be daily or weekly updates for a while yet.

Finally, ensure that you purchased your travel insurance as soon as make a booking and read the booking conditions for your program so you understand what might happen if you or the company have to alter plans in future.

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