Gap Year Webinar Recordings

View our talks for gap year advice and guidance

Below you’ll find our gap year webinars. You can view a slide only version or watch with accompanying member videos. We’ve split them up into 10-15min films to make things easier to navigate.


Intro Video & Presentation Slides Only – 45 mins

Part I – Introduction to Year Out Group – 10 Mins

 Videos – Projects Abroad, Objective Gap Year Safety, Art History Abroad

Gap Year Webinar – Part II – What is a gap year, what can I do, how do I finance it? – 17mins

       Videos – NonStop Ski & Snowboard, Good Hope Volunteers, Oyster Worldwide

Part III – Who takes a gap year, Different routes to gap year, Parental Concerns – 10 mins

                          Videos – The Language Gap, African Conservation Experience

Part IV – Motivations, Memorable Experiences, Outcomes – 10 mins

              Videos – The Leap, Pod Volunteer, Raleigh International

Part V – Asking Questions, Being Prepared – 15 mins

   Videos – Pacific Discovery

Gap Year Webinar – Part VI – Planning, Coronavirus Update, Closing Remarks – 10mins

Videos – Wintersports Company

Gap Year Webinar – Part VI – 7 mins 

Videos – Alltracks Ski & Snowboard Academy, Gapforce, Coral Cay Conservation, African & Asia Venture

Thanks for viewing our gap year webinar films. If you are school and would like to book a talk please make an enquiry.

UCAS also offer some information about gap years and remember to talk to your university admissions if you are considering deferring.

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