If the end of your degree is fast approaching then you are probably starting to think about what comes next. Will you rush straight into your first graduate job or will you choose to take graduate gap opportunities in Africa and Asia?

If you dismissed the idea of a Gap Year because you didn’t want to defer your entry to University, then a Graduate Gap Year offers the perfect opportunity to experience all the adventure of a Gap Year. Choose to travel for anything from 2 weeks to 16 weeks with Africa & Asia Venture (AV) on programs leaving in May and July – the perfect time to depart once your exams are finished.

The benefits of a Graduate Gap Year

Once you start applying for Graduate jobs, you’ll realise that it is an incredibly competitive market. You are likely to find yourself alongside hundreds of other Graduates competing for vacancies. You will need to do anything that you can do to differentiate yourself from other applicants. The right Gap Year can, and should be that differentiating factor; that’s where Africa & Asia Venture (AV) comes in.

A Gap Year project  takes you off the beaten track and gives you the chance to experience another culture. It teaches you to thrive on your own will make you stand out to an employer looking through a flood of CV’s or resumes. Volunteering in the developing world will offer you stand out work experience. It gives you something unique to talk about at interview, and showing employers that you are not like other graduates. So the question is… can you afford not to take a Graduate Gap Year?

Don’t just take our word for it…


“If you choose to do something worthwhile on your gap year, then you are differentiating yourself to employers. Their approach for discovering more about your qualities is through asking applicants “competency” questions both via their on-line application systems, and at interview.

Across the board, similar questions about leadership qualities, demonstrating decision making and overcoming problems, come up again and again. When answering these you can churn out generic university based answers or use your graduate gap opportunities in Africa and Asia.

“Firms will pick up on your time spent in Africa and spend time allowing you to discuss how my work there had contributed to people, leadership and time management skills.”

Will Crone

Where can you go on a Graduate Gap Year?

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