Last minute Christmas gift panic? 

Africa & Asia Venture (AV) have got you covered with their Gap Year Vouchers. If you are hoping to take a Gap Year or know someone who is, these vouchers make the perfect last minute Christmas gift. You can purchase AV vouchers in any denomination and contribute as much as you want towards your loved ones Gap Year adventure with AV.

If Mum, Granny, Grandad or Aunty or anyone else for that matter, is hassling you for what you want for Christmas then ask them for AV vouchers. You could then be well on your way to paying for your dream Gap Year or short program in Africa or Asia. Get enough of them and you could even pay for your whole trip!

AV specialise in full immersion volunteering programs in Africa and Asia. We have built an unrivalled reputation over the last 25 years for meaningful gap year experiences. They offer programs from 2 – 16+ weeks throughout the year so you can travel whenever you want for as long as you want. 

Live and work in the community

Help the children to learn English alongside other subjects about which you are passionate. Art, Drama, Sport, Music, Dance or whatever you love to do. Live in the local community as the locals do for a fully immersive cultural experience. This way you will learn to see the world differently. You will have 24/7 in country support from an AV representative who is only ever a phone call away. You are free to experience life as a local and learn new things about yourself away from the trappings of home. 

After your volunteering placement you will have the opportunity to travel independently, supported by AV. You’ll be able to experience all that the country has to offer. Go on Safari, climb mountains, go paragliding, try bungee jumping or experience one of the many other adventures just waiting to be discovered.

We can’t think of a better Christmas gift than that!

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Gap Year Christmas Gift

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