Protect Iconic Wildlife at Moholoholo

Volunteer at one of South Africa’s largest wildlife sanctuaries


1 week – many months


from £1250 including including accommodation, transfers, meet & greet, 24/7 support and personal guidance


South Africa

In brief

Join us on a remarkable journey to save and rehabilitate a huge variety of Africa’s wildlife. As a volunteer at one of South Africa’s largest and longest-running wildlife rehabilitation centres, you’ll be immersed in every aspect of animal care.

Your days will be as varied as the wildlife you will be working with. From preparing food for cheetahs, monitoring life-saving operations on a leopard, to bottle-feeding orphaned bush babies. The ultimate reward? Helping animals return to the wild — a journey you’ll be an integral part of.

Africa’s wildlife needs you

The Kruger National Park has astounding biodiversity with 147 mammal species and 508 bird species. Unfortunately, due to human-wildlife conflicts, many animals in The Kruger require veterinary treatment and animal care. Moholoholo has been operating for over 25 years, tirelessly saving the lives of countless animals from this region, reintroducing them back into the wild, or providing lifelong care.

Rehabilitating wildlife is a long and sometimes tough process. As one of the largest centres of its kind, Moholoholo is always in need of volunteers to support its successful conservation efforts of Africa’s iconic species.

Rehabilitation, veterinary care, and conservation

As a volunteer at Moholoholo, you’ll be very hands-on with different tasks tailored to the needs of the animals under your care. These activities may include…

Animal care: you’ll play a vital role in rehabilitating animals for release into the wild where possible! From preparing food and feeding duties to cleaning enclosures and enriching their lives through play, each day offers a unique learning opportunity.

Veterinary nursing: animals often arrive at the centre injured and in need of veterinary treatment. With guidance from professionals, you can actively participate in treating wounds, infections, and providing specialised care to these individuals.

Conservation: Moholoholo also extends its support to wildlife in the neighbouring habitats. From rescuing and rehabilitating leopards causing conflicts with farmers to establishing safe feeding zones for vultures in the Drakensberg Mountains.

Your experience

Moholoholo welcomes up to 20 conservation volunteers at any given time, providing a unique opportunity to bond with ‌like-minded international travellers. Nestled within the South African bush, the centre offers a friendly and supportive atmosphere where many volunteers find life-long friends.

While volunteering, you will have the chance to discover South Africa’s beautiful landscapes, through living on the picturesque reserve and exploring the surrounding area through the different day trips. It’s an opportunity brimming with purpose, learning, and exploration.

 At Moholoholo, I was able to work with amazing animals and incredible people. My daily work was feeding and caring for species such as lions, cheetahs, owls, eagles, hyenas, leopards, and many others.

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