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Unforgettable moments every day, alongside an experienced wildlife vet


 1 week to many months


rom £1850 including accommodation, meals, transfers, meet & greet, 24/7 support and personal guidance


South Africa

In brief

Picture starting your university veterinary degree with hands-on experience – treating a wounded zebra in the field, darting and collaring a wild buffalo, and even aiding in surgery for a sedated elephant.

These are the kind of unforgettable moments you’ll have as a volunteer on our Shimongwe Wildlife Veterinary Experience.

Shadowing an experienced wildlife vet, you’ll be learning a huge amount of new skills. All while building your confidence to work hands-on with some of the most powerful and beautiful animals on Earth.

Shadow an expert vet

As a volunteer vet, you’ll shadow a seasoned and passionate wildlife veterinary practitioner on their day-to-day work.

You might find yourself heading into the field to treat injured antelope or carry out routine disease prevention on a rhino population. Equally, you may find your time in veterinary clinics, providing emergency treatment to a variety of animals that have been injured or taken sick.

You’ll be learning on the job. So we take great care to pair you with an individual or team of vets that are most likely to give you the kind of experiences, challenges and skills that appeal to you. With group sizes of between two and 10 volunteers at a time, you can be sure you’ll get fully involved with every activity and procedure.

Wildlife vets in South Africa


Treating injured and sick animals is just the beginning for wildlife vets in South Africa. They’re also fully involved with the conservation and management of wildlife populations.

That’s because most of South Africa’s wildlife is privately owned by game reserves who rely on vets to make sure their animals breed healthily and enjoy a high standard.

Your role

At Shimongwe, every day is an exciting and hands-on adventure. You could be involved in darting, capturing, and collaring various species, including antelope, buffalo, giraffe, and zebra. 

The majority of your time will be spent in the field, but our volunteers also have the unique opportunity to gain insight into a busy veterinary clinic. During fieldwork, you will be assisting with a range of procedures from treating wounds to pregnancy testing, all while actively contributing to wildlife conservation.

I highly recommend the Shimongwe Veterinary Experience to anyone considering applying. You will not only gain useful veterinary knowledge and skills, you will also create amazing and unique memories in an astonishingly beautiful country.

Interested? Then make an enquiry.

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