Surf instructor course, Morocco

Combing surf coaching & instructor training with work experience and community projects.


12 weeks






In brief

No matter how much surf experience you have, this is perfect for a gap year if you a fulfilling and unique life experience. There’s bound to be a whole heap of likeminded people on this course in Morocco who could potentially become lifelong friends! Even though there is a heavy surf focus, previous experience isn’t necessary; we’ll train everyone from beginners through to advanced surfers.

If you’re keen on becoming an instructor, having actual hands-on experience is one of the best things to have on your CV, and you can get this on the 12 Week Course in Taghazout!

As a part of the course you will get on-the-job instructor experience working with real students. This is a priceless experience, and even if you’re not planning on working as an instructor afterwards, it’s a really cool way to feel the buzz of being a ‘pro’!

Living in Taghazout for 12 weeks will give you a real immersion into Moroccan culture. You’ll be able to get involved in community projects as well as teaching English at a local school.

What better way to get a real taste for life than learning to speak the language. You will get basic Arabic lessons for the first four weeks of the course, after which you will be able to practice your new skills with both locals and staff, who just love it when tourists speak their local language with them.

You even have the choice of living with a local Berber family (the indigenous people of North Africa), seeing how a traditional household is run and cooking traditional food.

The surf camp in Morocco is one of the most sociable and friendly in the world. You are living literally metres away from the water’s edge and the beautiful roof terrace looks over the whole of the town.

Each week there are new guests from all over the world joining the camp. Roof top parties, camp fires, new friends, this course has it all.

Help is at hand when it comes to finding work. With a large network of contacts in the surf school industry, we can offer assistance when it comes to finding jobs in resorts across the world.

Over the course of 12 action packed weeks in Morocco’s surf capital, Taghazout, you’ll take the ISA surf instructor course and the SLS lifeguarding course, and ride some of the best waves available every day.

You’ll also immerse yourself in Moroccan culture and put a little back into the local community by helping with community projects and teaching English to the local children and adults.

So come and surf, improve your own French and even learn Arabic.

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