Volunteer at the oldest rhino sanctuary in the world

Help rhinos injured and orphaned as a result of poaching


1 week – many months


from £1350 including accommodation, transfers, meet & greet, 24/7 support and personal guidance


South Africa

In brief

Volunteer at the oldest rhino sanctuary in the world. Words simply can’t describe the powerful experience of looking into the eyes of a rhino calf while bottle-feeding them back to their full strength. Or participating in the monitoring of adult rhinos successfully released into a UNESCO World Heritage Site, allowing you to contribute to the conservation of this iconic species and the thriving wildlife in this remarkable area.

Thankfully, as a volunteer, life is about actions, not words – and you’ll soon find yourself immersed in these types of experiences, all while learning about wildlife care from some of Africa’s leading conservation professionals at Golola Rhino Orphanage and Rehabilitation Centre.

Africa’s rhino need you

Poachers currently kill over 500 rhinos every year. That’s over one rhino a day lost to this crisis, plus countless more who are injured or orphaned by the actions of poachers.

This tragedy is fuelled by the illegal trade in rhino horn. Yet if the killing continues at today’s rates, wild rhinos could be all but wiped out in Africa over the next ten years.


How you can help

By volunteering you can make a meaningful difference to rhinos who have been orphaned, injured or harmed as a direct result of poaching. Under the close guidance of our team of experienced zoologists, conservationists and researchers, you’ll play an important hands-on role in every step of the care and rehabilitation process of the resident rhinos.

Your role

With a limit of just six volunteers at a time, you’ll have the unique opportunity to work closely with a team of rhino experts at the world’s oldest sanctuary, making this an unmatched learning experience.

From prepping bottles of milk and feeding the babies, to assisting with long-term scientific studies, you’ll be making a lasting difference. All while learning first-hand about the behaviour, threats, conservation, protection, and ecology of rhinos.

One of the best things I’ve ever done in my life was getting to feed a baby rhino. This is something you have to do at least once in your life… while they drink they make these very cute noises, it’s almost like a song!

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