Volunteer at a world-famous wildlife sanctuary in South Africa

Help Rhinos injured as a result of poaching


1 weeks – many months


from £1050 including transport


South Africa

In brief

Words simply can’t describe the powerful experience of looking into the eyes of a rhino calf while bottle-feeding her back to full strength. Or helping a wildlife vet treat the injured wing of an eagle.

Thankfully, as a volunteer, life is about actions not words – and you’ll soon find yourself immersed in these types of experiences. All while learning about wildlife care from some of Africa’s leading conservation professionals at the Care for Africa Rhino Sanctuary.

Africa’s rhino need you

Poachers currently kill over 1,000 rhino every year. That’s three animals lost from the wild each day, plus countless more who are injured or orphaned by the actions of poachers.

This tragedy is fuelled by the illegal trade in rhino horn. Yet if the killing continues at today’s rates, wild rhino could be all but wiped out in Africa over the next ten years.


How you can help

By volunteering you can make a meaningful difference to rhino who have been orphaned, injured or harmed as a direct result of poaching. Many other species are also cared for in this inspirational refuge. So you could also find yourself helping to care for hippo, lions, meerkats, antelope and even birds of prey.

Your role

There are usually between 8 and 23 volunteers at any one time. As one of them, you’ll join a hugely experienced team of conservationists living and working at one of the largest rhino sanctuaries in the world.

From bottle-feeding rhino calves orphaned by the poacher’s snare to treating injured animals or exercising long-term residents, you’ll make a lasting difference. All while challenging yourself to work up close and personal with some of Africa’s most iconic wildlife species.

What an experience that was! Bottle-feeding baby rhinos was simply amazing. Looking into their eyes I saw their beautiful souls each and every time I fed them. ‘And I get to do this every day for two weeks,’ I thought to myself.

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