Safer adventures overseas: BS 8848

How YOG members comply with the standard

A Guide to the British Standard for adventurous activities outside the United Kingdom (BS8848:2014)

Customer safety is the most important issue for the gap year providers that are members of Year Out Group. The Group helped BSI to develop BS8848:2014 a voluntary standard for adventurous activities.  The Guide to BS8848:2014 explains its aims and advises the public about what to look for when planning activities during a gap year and has a frequently asked questions section on page 6.

Note: Year Out Group was actively involved in the development of BS8848:2014 and recommends all its members to base their risk management and crisis management policies and procedures on BS8848:2014.

You are asked to read this guide and then contact the Year Out Group member(s) that interest them.For a variety of reasons some members may not declare themselves formally as having peer or self-assessed for BS8848:2014. If they have not formally declared as having self or peer assessed for BS8848:2014 then they should still be able to explain why this is not appropriate for them and how they feel their risk management addresses the issues raised in BS8848:2014

Those that do declare conformity should have the following wording on their website.


Statement of Conformity (for a single venture that has been self assessed)

The venture(s) provided by [company name] conforms to BS8848:2014. Self-declared on [date]


Statement of Conformity (multiple ventures, other-party assessed)

All ventures provided by [company name] conform to BS8848:2014, declared by [name of organsation who has made the assessment] on the basis of the operating procedures and safety management systems evidenced on [day, month, year] and a sample of ventures examined to the year-end [year]

Other Useful Information

British Standards Institution (BSI) +44 845 086 9001

Consumer Direct (for advice and links to local Trading Standards) 08454 040506

Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) 020 7591 3030

Universities Safety and Health Association 01273 641 882

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