Art history gap year course, Italy

Explore the art, architecture and culture of Italy


6 weeks


From £9950-10,170


Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples

In brief

This course travels through Italy four times a year, exploring all aspects of culture, such as history, music, politics, food, literature and philosophy – in addition to art and architecture.

Alongside studying the greatest masterpieces of Western civilisation, tutors will take students off the beaten track to unearth some of the secret wonders of Italy. The course visits Venice, Verona, Florence, Siena, Naples and Rome as well as many places in between. .

While in Florence students will spend a day visiting the leaning tower of Pisa, and while in Naples some time is spent studying Pompeii and climbing Mount Vesuvius.

Spending at least 5 days in each city and up to 10 in some, students will delve beyond the realms of tourism, leaving with an in depth knowledge of Italy that will remain with them for life.

Everyone should know about the Classical tradition, the Renaissance, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Caravaggio and Jackson Pollock, to name but a few.

What better way to spend part of a gap year than to appreciate the creativity of others and find inspiration yourself. As you approach university, this is when your educated mind becomes a confident, cultivated mind.

Only AHA offers a course where the work of art and the student come joint first. The tutor is there to impart knowledge, frame information and foster discussion. The course is carefully constructed but, at the same time, we are interested in everything; drawings, contemporary art, conservation, gardens, music as well as painting, architecture and sculpture.

It is bonkers to study art in a lecture room when you can go with AHA to study art on-site in small tutorial groups where everyone can see and join in discussions.

With AHA, looking at art and architecture becomes a visceral experience, which is powerful and exhilarating.


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