Cultural immersion & marine restoration in Kenya

Marine, community, and safari


5 weeks






In brief

Our plan is for you to live the African dream whilst supporting a pioneering marine conservation project which needs your help to research and rebuild coral reefs, encourage the fishing families to stop overfishing, teach kids about conserving their environment, and help develop local housing and other income generating schemes.

At the same time, you will head off on safari, play volleyball on the beach, have many an African sundowner, and cruise along the river on a majestic dhow.

The project work:

Marine conservation:

Rising sea temperatures, overfishing, and lack of awareness threatens the reef, but help is at hand through an award-winning marine initiative called Oceans Alive Trust (OAT).

OAT set up Kenya’s first locally managed marine area in response to rapidly declining fish stocks in the Kuruwitu Lagoon, and provide all-round community support to find alternative livelihoods, thus decreasing their reliance on fishing.

One of your jobs will be to survey and chart the species living within the lagoon (snorkels at the ready) whilst you help with the coral regeneration. Think underwater gardening and you are somewhere close. It is simple, yet genius – submerged in the protected area are metal structures onto which broken (yet alive) pieces of coral are fixed onto. Once they’ve grown to a resilient size, they are replanted out onto the coral reef inside. Whilst doing this you will of course encounter an underwater safari of octopuses, brightly coloured clams, sea anemones, and a large variety of corals. So pretty.

Community development:

Having assessed the marine problems, you will quickly see the need to stop over-fishing and damaging the coral in the process. However, when this is your sole income that’s not going to happen overnight, but with your help…

Intertwined into your weeks will be time spent with the local communities, introducing the concept of permaculture, vertical gardening and recycling household waste. This form of gardening can be easily introduced into any household as it requires little space and most importantly has a higher output whilst reusing local waste (compost) and water. Many homes now have introduced this and sell their excess production, or trade with their neighbours.

Jiko stoves
Each team will build several life-changing jiko stoves, designed for efficiency and require the smallest amount of wood to create a high heat output which in turn creates a boiling and frying option. This frying option now means that fish can be fried – thus increasing its shelf life. Therefore, less fish is required, and fish stocks protected.

Beach clean ups
Beach clean-ups are vital to keep the beaches clean but also to inspire the local community to follow suit and respect their environment. Each team also helps the community come up with inspiring ways to reuse what they find.

What everyone loves about this project is that you experience being right in the heart of a community, making a difference to those you meet.

Adventure and exploration:

An optional safari and scuba course are the obvious big hitters but let’s not forget the simpler things – such as exploring the coastline, cruising along Kilifi Creek in a majestic dhow as the sun goes down, haggling in the local markets, horse riding, sundowners at Salties, pizza nights and golf at Vipingo Ridge…all to be experienced.

No two days are the same.
No trip to Kenya is complete without a safari in the famous Tsavo National Park, it would be wrong not to venture in to see the wildlife and landscape in all its glory. Delivering the full beach and bush experience.

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