Cultural immersion & off-grid gems in Colombia

Adventure, community, and exploration


4 weeks




Barichara, Santa Marta, Cartagena


In brief

By joining this unique 4-week Leap programme you will be shown the real Colombia through the eyes of our local team who will immerse you in authentic culture, teach you conversational Spanish, help you complete life changing community projects, before trekking through the jungle to reach the famous Lost City, chilling out on Caribbean beaches and white water rafting down the thundering rivers. Colombia is the perfect place to kick off your South American adventures.

The project work:


Family Help
This is part of our social work programme for families who are struggling in the community. Every team will identify a family in need and help in all sorts of areas – from cleaning their home, painting, and gardening.

School renovation and teaching
Here you’ll work with the local foundation school called Funda Reserve, renovating their sports pitch, and teaching English and PE to the local children.


This project helps the Barichara fire brigade who want us to help manage their tree nursery, which is used to reforest community land. Every team helps with the planting out and sowing seeds.

Women’s Foundation
This inspiring foundation helps create eco-farms for local ladies who have previously not been able to work. Each farm then sells produce at the local markets, which includes honey, essential oils, teas, vegetables, fruits, and more, bringing wealth, security, and freedom for the women of the foundation. They love to receive a helping hand from our leapers which provides an amazing cultural moment.

Adventure and exploration:

Amongst your project work you’ll have adventure and exploration woven throughout your four weeks. Expect to get involved with the local community by playing poker with the locals, learning to roll cigars on one of the tobacco farms, and meeting indigenous tribes.

You’ll also be out and about in the canyons getting used to the hikes, including an overnight hike to prepare you for the 4-day, 3-night hike to the famous Lost City.

We have departures for Colombia throughout the year.

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