Elephant care in Thailand

Volunteer in a sanctuary for domesticated elephants retired from the logging industry


1-12 weeks


from £665




In brief

The Elephant Care project provides a sanctuary for over 20 domesticated elephants that have been used in the logging and tourism industries.

Volunteers will join the Elephant Care team to help care for the rescued elephants at the centre. The extra support from volunteers is crucial to ensure that every animal receives the optimum level of care as many of the elephants arrive with severe health problems and bear the scars of previous abuse.

By spreading the word about the use and abuse of animals, volunteers raise awareness of these issues and what can be done to help them.

Volunteer role

The centre operates as a sanctuary to abused, neglected or injured animals. Volunteers work alongside local staff to care for over 20 Asian elephants. Each day will differ but tasks may include:

  • Feeding and giving water to the elephants
  • Help with the cleaning of the enclosures
  • Hosing down and washing the elephants
  • Harvesting and collecting food from local farms – pineapple trees, bananas trees etc.
  • Creating enrichments for the elephants
  • Looking after other domesticated animals on site
You can combine the Elephant role with helping our Wildlife Rescue project at the same centre in Thailand – so you can stay for 2 to 12 weeks helping the local team!
Other volunteers

 There are usually 15-30 volunteers on each role.

Working days and hours

Volunteers work a 5 or 6 day working week from about 6.30am-5pm on a rota basis, depending on the needs of the project at the time. Volunteers live on site, a short walk away from the animals. There are many exciting free time activities locally including 3 national parks to explore, night markets and beaches!

Duke of Edinburgh’s (DofE) award

This placement has been approved by the DofE as meeting the requirements for the Residential section of the Gold Award.

Help the Elephant Care team to care for elephants in need!

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