Future Thinkers

Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam


2 Weeks 15 April – 29 April 2024




Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam

In brief

Future Thinkers is about the issue of our time; how do we live together? The course focuses on the built environment and culture travelling through Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin.

These three dynamic cities will give you the contextual thinking necessary when addressing the problems posed in further education and in a career. In Paris we study a revitalised 19th century city that changed society, which in turn led to Impressionism and Modernism. In Amsterdam we look at environment and sustainability, and in Berlin we focus on architecture and power.

The course provides the experience which leads to confidence and fosters ambition in our students. Future architects, policy makers and creators will enjoy this course. It is on those who reach further and think more broadly that the laurels of success lie.


  • broaden your intellectual horizons – studying art, architecture & sculpture
  • study art first hand with brilliant, unstuffy tutors
  • practice the habit of creativity
  • open to all: for any 18 – 22 year olds of every academic background who seek a cultivated mind
  • access to once in a lifetime experiences (private visit to the Sistine Chapel and St. Mark’s Basilica)
  • no classrooms and no homework: just learning in front of masterpieces!

Read “A day in the life of an AHA student” to get a better idea of what an AHA day looks like!

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