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  • Africa
    • Botswana
    • Namibia
    • South Africa


  • Animal Care
  • Care work
  • Conservation
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Farming
  • Healthcare
  • Marine
  • Play Work
  • Surfing
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Volunteering
  • Wildlife
  • Work with Children
  • Youth Work

About Good Hope Volunteers

Good Hope Volunteers brings volunteers together to work on a variety of projects that are dependent on volunteer assistance. We aim to build a better southern Africa through a range of community and conservation projects that support those who truly need it.

We are dedicated to providing sustainable volunteer opportunities that bring people from all over the world to southern Africa to experience its unique beauty, warm-hearted people, natural wonders, and varied wildlife by getting deeply involved; people who will not only make an impact on local communities but leave changed themselves.

We have been offering projects in Cape Town, along the Garden Route, in other parts of South Africa, Namibia and in Botswana since 2009.


A wide range of volunteer opportunities

We offer a wide range of community and conservation projects in southern Africa. Whether you would like working with kids or elderly people or supporting a dedicated doctors’ team in Namibia, are interested in wild animals and nature conservation or staying on a South African farm and learning how to grow your own food, we have the right project for you! You can volunteer from 2 weeks up to 1 year – the longer you volunteer, the larger the impact you make on a project.

Experience it to the fullest

Don’t hold back on your experience: ENGAGE, HELP and ENJOY. Whether you experience the African bush for the first time or dance with a big group of Xhosa kids – embrace every moment and give it your everything. Volunteering in southern Africa will give you memories for life. Southern Africa has an abundance of cultures, adventure sports and beautiful wildlife. Jump off the highest bungee jump in the world, take a sunset photo safari, eat boerewors and pap at a braai or climb Table Mountain – submerge yourself in everything this rainbow nation has to offer. Remember that life starts when you step out of your comfort zone. Make new friends and savour the moment where you and people of all different cultures come together.

Develop your skills

When you volunteer, it is essential that you are able to communicate clearly with your supervisor, colleagues and the people you are helping. A good command of English is therefore required for all projects. You can brush up your English skills and add a language course before you start volunteering. Doing this will also give you a chance to get accustomed to the country before you start at your project. Our sister company, Good Hope Studies, has been operating an English language school in Cape Town since 1995.

Our volunteers

We welcome around 400 volunteers to southern Africa each year. We are a passionate team of professionals providing our volunteers with a life-changing experience and we encourage them to use their never-ending enthusiasm, energy and passion. Most of the projects we work with couldn’t function without the dedication and hard work of our volunteers from all over the world.

Our team

Our dedicated volunteer team will assist you in choosing the right project. Tell us about your preferences and expectations, and we can advise you on which project is best suited to your needs. We’ll guide you through the whole process and will be here to support you with everything you need – also through our emergency number, 24/7. Our whole team has experience in travelling and volunteering abroad and we are active members of VolSA (Volunteering South Africa), Year Out Group, IVPA (International Volunteer Programs Association), SATSA (Southern African Tourism Services Association), SAYTC (South African Youth Travel Confederation) and WYSE Travel Confederation.

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